Are you looking for walk-in cooler or freezer installation?

Are you looking for walk-in cooler or freezer installation?

When it comes to installing walk-in coolers/freezers, we make sure we provide and install the correct product. Cold Air Technologies has extensive experience in many forms of refrigeration installation. Our technicians will inspect your location and determine the most accurate design and installation that suits your needs. We can give you advice allowing you to be confident with any new purchase and installation you may be considering.

We understand you need a reliable refrigeration company that is certified and experienced to help you with your new install. Our trained technicians will install all the equipment to your specifications and will work as efficiently as possible ensuring your satisfaction. We are proud to work with top manufacturers to guarantee your refrigeration needs are met for many years to come.

When you are planning your next walk-in cooler/freezer installation, get in touch with us. We are eager to discuss your requirements and look forward to working with you.

We work with the top manufacturers including:

We work with the top manufacturers including:

Russell and more!

Interested in purchasing a new ice machine?

At Cold Air Technologies, we have years of experience installing all of types of commercial ice machines. Whether you need full-cube, half-cube, nugget, or flaked ice, we can help you pick out the right ice machine for you.

With installing a new ice machine, we strongly recommend purchasing a water filtration system along with it. We install water filtration systems to help eliminate the scale, odor, chlorine and other contaminants from the water which makes the ice clear and fresh.

Keeping an ice machine clean and the water filter(s) up to date is an excellent way to serve great tasting ice to your customers. Not only does having a water filtration system vital to the appearance and taste of the ice, but it also helps with the functionality of the machine.

Ice machine filters help remove scale which develops in water when calcium and magnesium compounds combine. Scale cannot only affect the quality of the ice, but it can affect the efficiency of the machine which can result in costly repairs.

When it comes to purchasing and installing an ice machine, don't hesitate to call Cold Air Technologies today!

Interested in purchasing a new ice machine?
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